Wednesday, 28 March 2012

On Gorecki's 'Three Pieces in Old Style'

Building swelling notes,
Gentle discordant constraint
With excursions
Bursting into pure
Unrestrained spine tingling joy.
A final flourishing,
Belated bass

Exuberant see-sawing
Hipswaying rhythm;  
Giddy chords giggling
Persistent pleasure dancing.
Final consuming crescendo
Over too quick,  
Breathless bass

Slow languidity snaking
Through warm vitulic wood; 
Constant sad strings eking out sound
Pitch changing mood switching
Arabesquing bows
Depth resolving, resolved.
Bowing bass

A word sketch of the 3 parts. A beautiful piece, thank you City of London Sinfonia - and their bass player.

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