Wednesday 6 February 2013

'Bang Bang You're Dead': Jay Gun at WW Gallery

After a normal day of Formula 1 photos, a university seminar on disturbing medical images and a podcast about Galileo and psychopaths, I returned home and wondered what to relax with on the iPlayer. A timely text from a friend recommended the Charlie Brooker Weekly Wipe - 'do it now - it's 30 minutes of life well spent'. This collection of acerbic observations from the news was amusing but the section on US gun culture needed no commentary from Brooker to be shocking; just to watch snippets of adverts, the Piers Morgan shouty interview with Alex Jones and the small child showing off her pink REAL guns was astounding. And worrying. Which is why when I saw Jay Gun: The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet, I didn't know whether to immediately laugh or cry.

Tuesday 5 February 2013

F1 Revisited - a new season of Darren Heath

A year older, a year not that much wiser, but the last twelve months have certainly blurred past. Whether it was 100mph with the landscape as coloured lines, a brief moment of dark introspection or an intense effort to stay focused, time has rumbled on; after all, another year, another Grand Prix season. Once again Darren Heath's images of Formula One give the office gallery a sense of excitement and drama. With a more leisurely interest I went down to see what differences could be found, given the exact same topic and medium which was exhibited a year ago.

Monday 4 February 2013

Management Meeting Meop

How many times can you say the same thing?
Different ways
Round and round the table

Process mandatory pick up with the event of significant changes

All talking and no understanding
Communicating changes
Repeated views but merely louder

Definite definable outcomes easily auditable 

Blanket stares into the biscuits
Bottomless coffee 
Soporific gaze at clock going backwards

Publishing guidance on how to communicate

Red flagged emails read in a millisecond
Compliant lawyers
Responses required with no conscious awareness

Policy documents regarding multiple policies published

We are agreed
We are as one
We are a Single Remarkable Administration

Friday 1 February 2013

Hearts of Florence

It's almost Valentines Day and warmth, Spring sunshine, tiny fluttering love birds (sparrows if I'm being honest) are in evidence in Florence. Being of a romantic disposition, I found the coldest and dampest museum possible, and was immediately drawn to the stone, metal and broken hearts of New York based contemporary artist Janice Gordon.