Wednesday 11 March 2020

My Latest Blogpost Round-up: Collaboration

February was a prolific work blogging month where I enjoyed investigating the art (and science) of collaboration. As Vable's Topic Specialist I am happy to share ideas and thoughts on library management skills with law librarian colleagues around the world!

Did you know about the original Agile Manifesto?

I enjoy a good Manifesto; the passion, the language, the clarity, the raw power! In this post I did some research on 'agile' in its original context to uncover the true meaning. Given all the buzzwords and jargon which surrounds it, ironically the Manifesto's rationale was to break down corporate ‘make-work and arcane policies’. Read more...

Have you ever wanted to set up a Wiki and wondered how?

Wonder no more! Julia provides a technical introduction to building a Wiki from scratch. Regardless of topic I'm in awe of the investment of time and knowhow it requires to set up and keep going. (Other legal Wikis are available.) Read more...

Yes, yes you are a content marketeer!

It's time we as information professionals recognise that we can make a difference to the potential clients that our firms want to reach. OK, writing content isn't for everyone but if you have problems with library visibility, good content marketing will get you noticed. Read more...

Free stuff! Where can I find free online courses on library management skills?

And finally...are you lacking in budget and/or don't want to travel but still need to keep your skills up-to-date? Sign up for some of these free webinars. Read more...

Enjoy these and let me have any feedback! Follow Vable on LinkedIn for more updates.

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